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Bette Midler # 2


The versatile lookalike singalike impersonator of Bette Midler, Janis Joplin and Ethel Merman performs on radio and television, in concerts and production shows worldwide.

She is a natural born singer and has always been in love with the Arts. She grew up with choir, dancing lessons and recitals and spent many years involved with drama productions usually cast in lead and supporting actress roles.

She plays guitar and keyboards and has studied music and drama in college and workshops.

She formed her own band and played over 10 years throughout the Los Angeles area. Her passion is writing and performing her own songs.

She began entertaining audiences as Janis Joplin in 1982. In 1983 she joined the original cast of Legends in Concert in Las Vegas.

Variety has praised her voice, style and stage presence, her vocal range and versatility. "On stage she displays the same energy, magnetism and exuberance of the stars, remarkable in her portrayals."

"With each character, there are facets of their lives that I can identify with, but I've always felt especially close to Bette Midler" She remarks. I try to portray her with integrity. I have so much respect for her great talent and her wonderful perception of life and entertainment."

She first performed her tribute to the famous star in 1990. She has the look, the "walk" the dances, the songs and the jokes that characterize the comedic Bette Midler.


"I've learned a lot and I am still having a great time with Bette!"


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